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Magnetic Car Windshield Cover

All Season Smart Windshield Magnetic Cover is a double sided windscreen cover which you can use in the hot bright sunny days as well as in snowy winter days. In the winter it is as easy as placing this All Season Smart Windshield Cover to your car’s windscreen with magnets and then shaking it off to remove snow. No more windscreen scratching, no more hand freezing and frozen fingers.

The large size (84in x 48in) makes it suitable for all vehicle types, even SUVs.

Say goodbye to those hard days just trying to scrap off snow off your windshield and simply shake it off and drive away after a heavy snowfall. Life doesn't have to be that tough, this will save you precious time and stay out of the cold! 

The Smart Windshield Cover is perfect for all seasons. The black side of the cover facing out gives protection from snow and the silver side facing out gives protection from extreme sunlight which reflects the incoming sunshine protecting the car and its interior from overheating.


  • Large Size: 84in by 48in (210cm x 120cm) 
  • Material: High Quality Dacron
  • Shape: Trapezoidal
  • Bag size: 29 x 29.5cm
  • Package includes: 1 x Smart Windshield Cover with 6 Magnets, 1 Storage Bag
  • Color: Silver side for summer | Black side for winter
  • Features: Anti-UV protection, Fully waterproof, Prevents snow & ice build-up
  • Use: Suitable for cars, SUVs and most vehicle types


  • Please allow 4-14 days for delivery to the United States.
  • Please allow and 3-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world